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Tampa Real Estate Team

Amanda (Tampa’s Home Hunter) and Randy Heffernan (Tampa’s Marketing Maven) bring together expert buying and selling capabilities.


Double Your Tampa Real Estate Results With Team Heffernan

It’s hard enough finding one really good real estate agent that you can trust, so imagine your delight when you realize that you’ll be working with TWO trustworthy, honest and hard-working agents when you work with the Heffernan Team! Randy and Amanda have built extraordinary reputations in the Tampa Real Estate market over the last 10 years. The reason their reputations are so good is because they work tirelessly to assure that every one of their clients is serviced exactly the way they want to be, and most importantly, Randy and Amanda make sure they take care of every little detail – something most realtors just can’t promise or just don’t deliver.

The secret to their amazing level of service and productivity is teamwork: They both service every client they take on, and so both are always on top of every transaction they broker. Together they get twice as much done in the same amount of time, work twice as fast, and have two sets of eyes reviewing every little detail so the chances of mistakes or misunderstandings is completely minimized. The end result is very happy clients who enjoy smooth and efficient real estate transactions.


When You Work With Team Heffernan, You’ll Enjoy:

1) Two Tampa Realtors® for the Price of One:

You may only pay for one realtor, but you’ll get two different real estate specialists working conscientiously to service your every need.

2) Twice the Expert Advice:

You’ll enjoy expert advice from two different real estate specialists who will guide you through both the buying and selling process. This ensures that you get the most out of your home during a sale, and get the best deal when purchasing a home that specifically meets your needs and requirements.

3) Twice the Speed:

The buying and selling process happens twice as fast and is completely managed by Randy and Amanda, so you spend less time worrying about the details of your real estate transaction and focus instead on issues that are more pertinent to your life.

4) Increased Efficiencies for Investors:

If you are an investor, working with Team Heffernan leads to better prospect properties, better qualified purchasers, quicker closings and better profits.