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Randy Heffernan

Randy is an expert at marketing and selling real estate, both for private home owners and investors. It’s how he earned his nickname “The Marketing Maven”.

Randy Heffernan, Tampa’s Marketing Maven

Whether You’re a Private Home Owner or Investor, You’ll Sell For More Through Randy.

Randy Heffernan loves real estate. More importantly, he loves helping people. That’s why you can’t get a better listing agent than Randy. Randy understands what it takes to sell a house quickly and what to do in order to get the highest sale price possible. He also knows how to negotiate the sometimes murky waters of short sales, especially now that laws and processes are changing on a daily basis. He’s done so many, people from all types of real estate businesses ask him for advice. Randy has helped so many grateful sellers in the Tampa Bay area that he’s earned the nickname “The Marketing Maven”. Here’s what he does to make sure your house sells faster, easier and for the most money possible.


Here’s How He Does It:

1)    Highly Detailed Market Analysis

Randy makes sure that he understands the Tampa real estate market for your particular house at the moment you decide you put it up for sale. He researches your neighborhood, past sale prices, current like properties on the market and the positives and negatives of your home, and comes up with a price that is attractive for buyers, but is extremely fair for you as well.

2)    House Staging

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ll know right off the bat that “staging” a house can mean tens of thousands of extra dollars for the sale price, increasing the money that ends up in your pocket. “Staging” means creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing experience for people who walk into your home, so they fall in love faster and extend higher offers. Once you list your house with Randy, he and his partner Amanda will go through your home with expert eyes and present you with a list of  “quick fixes” and other suggestions you can easily implement to make your house more attractive to potential Tampa real estate buyers, so it sells for top dollar.

3)    Marketing

Like most other Tampa real estate agents and companies, Randy will list your home with the Multiple Listing Service and will run ads and mail out postcards as part of Keller William’s franchise marketing support. But, unlike most other real estate agents, Randy doesn’t stop there. An accomplished businessman and marketer, Randy works with you to identify who your best buyers are, and then targets them specifically with personalized outreach. That outreach can come in the form of emails, phone calls, letters, pamphlets, flyers and advertisements, all designed to reach and motivate a specific type of potential buyer – the type best suited to want to purchase your home. In the marketing world, this is called “Direct Marketing” to your “Target Market”.  Think of Randy as your personal marketing consultant, not just your real estate agent. Randy’s expert business and marketing abilities enables him to find more buyers who want your house, meaning he will sell it faster, and for more money.

4)    Negotiations & Closing

Once you have an offer for your home, the work has really only begun. Randy will work with you through every step of the negotiations process, and then through the closing process to ensure ever “T” is crossed and every “I” is dotted, so you enjoy as stress free a sales process as possible. This includes working with banks, mortgage companies, title companies, insurance companies, lawyers, home inspectors, vendors and contractors on your behalf, keeping them all in line and on point. Putting Randy’s enormous amount of experience to work for you will save you time, money and hassle, and you’ll be glad (again) that you chose him as your listing agent.

Put Tampa’s Marketing Maven To Work For You!

As you can probably imagine, Randy is a sought after real estate commodity here in Tampa Bay, but he’s always happy to come by and meet with you to discuss how he can help, even if you’re not sure you want to sell yet. Make an appointment with Randy now and find out what to expect in today’s real estate market.