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Amanda is an expert at finding her buyers exactly the home they want.

Amanda earned her nickname as “Tampa’s Home Hunter” by being an extremely good listener, a tenacious researcher, an intuitive judge of style and a trusted, established real estate professional in the Tampa community.

Amanda Heffernan, Tampa’s Home Hunter

There’s a Difference Between a House and a Home

Amanda gets it. She knows there is a big difference between finding a house that suits your needs, and finding one that transcends them. That’s why she’s the perfect person to help you find your next home in the Tampa Bay area. One that not only meets your functional needs, but fulfills you emotionally as well (and of course, is still within your budget). Amanda is so good at matching people to homes they love, she’s earned the nickname “The Home Hunter.” Tenacious, hard-working, and completely tuned in to your personal needs, likes and desires, Amanda doesn’t rest until you have found the home of your dreams.


Here’s how she does it:

1)    Highly Detailed Buyer’s Profile

First, Amanda needs a very detailed understanding of what you like, what you need and what you can spend. She’ll ask all sorts of things about you, and not just about houses, either. From your hobbies and activities to work and personal schedules, she gets an in-depth understanding of your life and how you like to live it. She then combines this information with information you provide her about the types of homes you are interested in; what styles you like most, the locations you prefer, and the specifics that are important to you (i.e. number of bedrooms, amenities, lot size, etc.). Lastly, she works with you on a budget. At the end of the process, she has a very clear understanding of exactly what you want, what you need, and what will suit your life the best, and she’s off to find it.

2)    Custom Property Searches

Amanda will then get to work finding your perfect property. She uses tools available to realtors to do basic searches through the Multiple Listing Service, but she will also do personal outreach in neighborhoods she believes you will love in order to find homes that may not yet be on the market, or that are for sale privately by owners. Amanda leaves no stone unturned.

3)    Assisted Showings

Once she has identified the properties she believes will be best for you, she sets up appointments with the property owners and accompanies you on every visit so she can answer any questions you have, and educate you on the purchase opportunity. Many times a home may not look as amazing as it is, simply because it’s not completely finished yet, or an owner has too much stuff in it, or it isn’t as clean as it could be. Amanda helps you look past any negatives to see the positives and uncover the potential. She also lets you know if a house is underpriced, overpriced or is correctly priced, and if any special accommodations need to be made prior to finalizing a sales price (i.e. a radon gas test, or a lead paint test, etc.). This way, you know exactly where you stand before making an offer, should you choose to make one, and can ask for or make concessions accordingly, increasing the chance of the offer being accepted.

4)    Negotiations & Closing

Once you have made an offer on a home that you love, Amanda works on your behalf to negotiate with the owners and other real estate agent to get you the best possible price.  With her years of experience and sharp insight into the housing market, Amanda knows when to “hold them” and when to “fold them” and will give you sound advice while negotiating a sales price. Once a sales price is agreed upon, Amanda handles all the details associated with closing, including working with you to schedule required (and recommended) services like home inspections, and title searches, and liaise with other third parties on your behalf (banks, mortgage companies, title companies, insurance companies, lawyers, home inspectors, vendors and contractors, etc.).  The end result? A purchase process that is informed, smart, smooth, painless and results in a home you love, at a price you love just as much.

Put The Home Hunter to Work for You!

Amanda, Tampa Bay’s very own Home Hunter, is available now to help get you started on finding the home you want at the price you want. With prices still below average and lots of amazing homes coming out on the market on a daily basis, there’s never been a better time to buy!